About Us

A Brief History: 


The Booby Trapper was invented in 2009 by a breastfeeding mother in Canada who recognized the need for a superior breastfeeding cover. After many trials, the Booby Trapper's revolutionary, dual-suspension design was achieved. This was around the time her daughter was three months of age. The feisty baby immediately accepted the new breastfeeding cover ...and mums everywhere began to notice the happy feeding sessions.

After 3 years of only being available in Canada & the USA, the Booby Trapper has been launched in Australia and other international locations in 2012, allowing mums around the world the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the essential double-rim for better airflow, better eye contact and happier babies.

Today, demand for the Booby Trapper is incredible and production is in full swing.

Visit the website for Canada & USA at http://www.boobytrapper.ca