Celebrity Fans:

In Canada & the USA, Booby Trapper has met so many celebs over the past years and we are excited that they love using the Booby Trapper!

Nursing Cover, Nursing Blanket, Maternity Cover

Matthew McConaughey & Camila Alves

Booby Trappers were invited to "gift" Matthew McConaughey and partner, Camila Alves (for Baby Vida)!


Nursing Cover, Nursing Blanket, Maternity Cover
James Van Der Beek & Kimberly Brook
James Van Der Beek and expectant girlfriend, Kimberly Brook, will be receiving a Booby Trapper this summer. The couple will be celebrating the arrival of their first child in the spring.


Nursing Cover, Nursing Blanket, Maternity Cover
Christina Aguilera
Though no longer nursing her son, Christina Aguilera welcomed a Booby Trapper in her recent gift basket! Future Aguilera babies will enjoy breastfeeding in comfort!


Nursing Cover, Nursing Blanket, Maternity Cover
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker's reps also invited BTs to gift her...for use as a shade canopy for her twins or to pass on to a breastfeeding friend!


Nursing Cover, Nursing Blanket, Maternity Cover
Marisa Coughlan
Marisa Coughlan (actress & model) tried the Booby Trapper and loved it after having no success with a competitor's canopy. She can now nurse in public without fearing that cameras might catch her son struggling out from underneath a floppy cover!



2010 Golden Globes: Celebrity Gifting Suite, Hollywood, California

Booby Trapper was invited to the gifting suite at the 2010 Golden Globes, and here are some of the fabulous people we met (and who also received a Booby Trapper)!


Nursing cover, nursing blanket

Aron Staton & Connie Fletcher
Mad Men, August Rush, All My Children
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Brande Roderick
Celebrity Apprentice, Toxic
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Christina Milian
R&B Singer, Actress
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Erik Palladino
ER, Law & Order

Nursing cover, nursing blanket

Alaina Huffman
SGU Stargate Universe
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Carolyn Burns
Executive at MPowerPictures
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Craig Shoemaker
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Gary Anthony Williams
Boston Legal

Nursing cover, nursing blanket

Andy Kavovit
Criminal Minds, Twilite Memories
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Cathy Riva
Celebrity Party Planner
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Diana Maria Riva
Nursing cover, nursing blanket
Jennifer Fox
Producer of The Informant

Testimonials From Breastfeeding Mums:

Here is what some of the mums who use the Booby Trapper have to say about it!
Cheryl H. (Email, February, 2011)
I wanted to tell you how much I love my Booby Trapper. I didn’t ever like the cover that I used with my first baby – but this one is great! Thank you!
Kathy K. (Email, August, 2011)
I used my BT for the first time, and I love it. It's awesome. Super functional - and pretty. Thanks again.
Pam (Calgary)
I heard about Booby Trapper from my cousin. She was given one as a gift. We were at a social event and I was struggling trying to feed my squirmy and crying baby in a crowded and hot hall and she brought her Booby Trapper over for me to try and I was hooked. My baby settled down when she wasn't covered and could see me and I felt like I was securely covered and not about the flash a hundred people. I thought it would be great this summer as a sun shade while I carry her in the Snugli as we spend a lot of time outside. Thanks. Great invention!
Nadia (Winnipeg)
This is the best baby item I've ever bought! I've tried four other nursing canopies and my son hated them all. Now, I can finally feed him in public! Thank you BT!
Candace (Regina)
I've been using my Booby Trapper as a nursing cover and I love it... now I've discovered how well it works as a shade canopy for my son. I just pop him in a carrier, put the BT on, and we're set for walking!

Testimonials From Others:

Not only do people who use the Booby Trapper love it, but so do those who work in the industry! Here are a couple testimonials from them.
Nicole C.: Mother of Three and Blogger (My Real Review and PTPA Media)
When my second child was a baby, a few friends had begun using covers that had a single rim so they could see their baby; however, their one frustration was that the fabric would still be in the baby’s face. While testing the Booby Trapper with my daughter, I have had numerous moms (both friends and strangers) come up to me and ask where they could find this cover – they were sold at first sight on the practicality of the dual suspension design. I highly recommend the Booby Trapper and if something ever happened to mine, I would purchase this specific product again.
I'm glad to inform you that the Booby Trapper's are one of my favourite products and our customers agree. They always comment on how nice and trendy the patterns are and how important it is that their baby's can see them. Breastfeeding can be a fantastic experience and for mothers to be able to see their baby and have their baby see them when they look up will only strengthen the bond. We truly love your product and are glad we found you!
Carmen (Doula)
My name is Carmen and I am a Childbirth Educator and a Postpartum Doula... I love your product and promote it every chance I get. I stumbled on it from a postpartum client and was so pleased. It is much better than the other products on the market and women are more comfortable using it. I wanted to tell you I think your Booby Trapper is brilliant!