Sydney Sets Booby Trapper Record

Posted by Rochelle Werthmann on May 29, 2013 0 Comments

 Sydney Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo was a huge success for us at Booby Trapper! Not only did we have our best show to date, we also had a great time doing it.

The other exhibitors were very friendly and great support for each other. We are getting to know more of the exhibitors and really appreciate their willingness to share their expertise and knowledge with us.

The icing on the cake was meeting so many wonderful parents and bubs at the expo. We enjoyed meeting you and getting to introduce Booby Trapper to you or hear your positive feedback from those who were already familiar with  Booby Trapper.

We found that Booby Trapper was selling itself as mums were purchasing and using it at the expo. At one point, we had a line up of mums waiting to make their purchases  as a result of one mum using her new BT in the parents room and others being able to see just how easy it is to use and just how well it really truly does work.

We now can't wait for Brisbane!

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