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Important Tips:

For demonstrations and answers to all your questions about operating the Booby Trapper, watch our video!
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Quick Tips

 Tip 1: General Usage

Set the neck strap at the desired length and simply slip the BT over your head for each use. You can even tie a single knot in the strap so that you know your BT is always set where you want it. Once on, shift the Booby Trapper off slightly to the side on which you're breastfeeding, letting the ends of the middle rim rest against your body, the baby's body, or the back of your chair... this allows the Booby Trapper to "bow out" over the bust area, giving you the perfect view of your breastfeeding baby.

Tip 2: What To Wear

Whenever possible, wear a stretchy (cotton and 5% spandex), lightweight singlet or t-shirt underneath your outer shirt. (Spaghetti straps or a low neck is best… available for $5-$10 at clothing or accessories stores.) When breastfeeding, just lift your outer shirt above your bust area and pull the singlet down from the neck under your breast, just as you do with your breastfeeding bra.

This ensures that your breast is fully exposed so that baby can attain a proper latch, but your torso is completely covered at all times. Best of all, you have no worries of milk spraying, baby unlatching unexpectedly, or noise and lights distracting your baby because you have the Booby Trapper covering your front.

Tip 3: For Those Active, Older Babies

The mother of a very large, active 7½ month-old provided this tip:
I find it helpful to hold my baby’s "top hand" while I’m breastfeeding her. This keeps her from trying to grab the canopy – and she loves to look at my face and play with my fingers.

I simply place my free hand (the one on the non-breastfeeding side) in the side of the canopy and let her grab my hand in the open space of the BT. She enjoys this so much that she even holds my hand when I'm not using my Booby Trapper. Just a little tip from a seasoned breastfeeding veteran!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care For My Booby Trapper?

Hand wash or machine wash in cold (gentle cycle). Hang to dry. Do not iron. Do not fold rims sharply - creasing them can cause permanent damage to the product. Never leave a child unattended with the Booby Trapper.

What Is The Best Way To Fold The Booby Trapper?

Simply place the neck inside the middle rim and curl them into a circle (16+ cm in diameter). Next, flop the circle down flat into the rest of the fabric two or three times. NEVER fold the BT rims in half or crease them in any way, as it could permanently damage the product.

For a step–by–step demonstration, please watch the video above!

Too Much Curl in your BT?

Over time, washing, and use, the middle rim of your Booby Trapper might begin to curl more than you’d like. If this curl seems to be interfering with the suspension of your BT, just use your fingers to gently curl the rim the opposite way. This should sufficiently straighten the ends allowing you to maximize the space under your BT!